Tuesday January 12th WOD

Warm up:  Partner jump rope-complete 300 DU’s with a partner, switch every 25

(Sub 500 singles with a partner, switch every 50)




Mobility:  Sampson stretch, ankles


Strength/Skill:  Split squat and handstand walking

-4x6-8, weighted

-4+ sets handstand walking practice

-Beginners sub push ups or inverted holds

-Intermediate sub inverted (wall facing) holds or wall walks


Conditioning:  For reps

-1 minute ME Wall balls

-1 minute ME Pull ups

-1 minute ME Burpees

-1 minute ME DU’s (sub singles)

-Rest 2 minutes and repeat

-Score is total reps


Skill work:  CHOICE!  

-15 minutes to work on skill of your choice

-Options:  HSPU, Rope climbs, pistols, MU


Nick ProhaskaComment