Friday January 15th WOD

Warm up:  5 minute circuit including Jump rope, Airdyne bike, step ups and ring rows (feet elevated)

-Followed by 3 rounds of 8 ball slams and 8 burpees



Strength:  Clean and Jerk

-20 minutes to establish a 1RM


LV A. Conditioning:  7 rounds for time:

-2 Power cleans 185/115lbs

-4 Box jumps 30/24”

-6 Chest to Bar pull ups


LV B. Conditioning:  5 rounds for time:

-5 Pull ups (banded/unbanded)

-5 Power cleans  155/95, 135/85, 115/75lbs

-5 Box jumps 24/20”


LV C. Conditioning:  4 rounds for time

-10 Box or plate step ups

-8 Ring rows

-6 Power cleans 95/55, 75/35lbs (sub Med ball cleans)

Post:  400m jog or 500m row cool down + foam roll


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