Monday September 28th WOD

Warm up:  Partner jump rope

-Teams of two switching every 15 seconds for 4 minutes

Mobility:  Hips


-Elbow to foot

-Bottom of the squat hold (KB)

Strength:  Clean and jerk complex (12 minutes to build to a heavy 1R)

-1 Full clean (pause below the knee)

-1 Hang squat clean

-1 Split jerk

Strength:  Hatch

-Week 10, Day 1

-Athletes that completed the 8-week version of Hatch need to complete Week 9, Day 1 with their new percents.  

Conditioning:  5 minute jump rope

-Singles (100-120 rpm)

-Each time you break, drop and give 3 burpees

Post:  Cool down walk and foam roll


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