Tuesday September 22nd WOD

Warm up:  400 meter run followed by;

20 walking overhead lunges with a plate (45/25#), 10 strict pull ups (sub ring rows), 10 push ups, 20 sit-ups, 15 push press with bar, 15 good mornings with bar (sub PVC as needed)

Strength:  Partner BEAR

-Partner A will complete 3 ‘Bear’ complexes.  After Partner A finishes, Partner B will begin his/her set of 3 complexes.  Continue in this fashion until the time cap.  Record TOTAL REPS.

  • 1 Rep = 1 complex (1 clean, 1 front squat, 1 push press, 1 back squat, and 1 push press (BTN)

  • Time cap = 10 minutes  

-Scaled men’s weight is 75 pounds

-Scaled women’s weight is 45 pounds

-Rx men’s weight is 115 pounds

-Rx women’s weight is 75 pounds

Skill:  Ring dips (3-5 small sets)

-Sub Muscle ups for advanced, Sub bar dips (banded or unbanded for intermediate)

-Sub hollow hold on bar or rings + tricep push ups for beginners

Conditioning:  Tabata

-Jump rope (DU’s or Singles)

-Ab mat sit ups (sub T2B for advanced)

-Rest one minute between skills

-Record total reps

Post:  Shoulder mobility stretches

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