Tuesday September 15th WOD

Warm up:  6 minute circuit including jump rope, box step ups and KBS

Strength:  Split jerk

-From the rig

-10 minute build then complete:

-1 Push jerk and 1 Split jerk

-On the minute for 5 minutes at (roughly) 70% of the build

Skill:  Toes to bar

Conditioning 1:  For time with a partner

-75 DU’s (sub 125 singles)

-50 Calorie row

-25 Weighted step ups 55/35lbs (bar, back rack)

Partner A will begin and complete the DU’s.  Once the athlete is finished, he/she will tag Partner B who will then begin the DU’s.  Athletes will continue in this fashion until all reps are completed. 

Conditioning 2.  For time with a partner

-1,200m run + Toes to bar (sub hanging knees)

After completing C1, Partners will move to the run and complete 1,200m, switching every 200m (halfway around the building).  After each 200m run, the athlete will complete 10 T2B, tag his/her partner, then Partner B will begin.  Continue in this fashion until 1,200m and 60 T2B are completed. 

Post:  Foam roll

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