Friday August 28th

Warm up:  10 minute circuit including DU’s, SDLHP (KB) and box step ups


Strength:  Snatch accessory work

-Small sets, light weight

-Muscle snatch

-Tall snatch


Conditioning:  3 rounds for total reps

-30 seconds KBS 70/53 (sub 53/35)

-30 seconds Rest

-30 seconds Push press 95/55 (sub 75/35)

-30 seconds Rest

-30 seconds Ab mat sit ups

-30 seconds Rest


Midline:  3 sets per movement (not for time)

-30 second tight arch hold

-30 second hollow hold

-10 V-ups (sub modified v-up)


Post:  Yoga series x 5 (to be completed on your own)


Nick ProhaskaComment