Sunday April 26th - Swim Clinic

KCI CrossFit Swim Clinic

Sunday, April 26th - 10:30am - 12pm

Please join coach Steven Cooper at the Park Hill Aquatic Center for some large group instruction on freestyle techniques for breathing, improving body roll, shoulder rotation, rhythm, timing and feel for the water.

Included in this first session:

- The Basics Of The Freestyle Stroke, including common misunderstandings and pitfalls.

- Enhancing Your Efficiency in the Pool, so you can swim further more easily.

- Generating More Propulsion in the Water, this will have you moving faster - surprisingly without working harder.

- Training Program Development and How to get the most out of your swim sessions.

This will be a closed session! We will not be open to the public! Cost is $5 per person (family members welcome, no children please).

Email christineprohaska@gmail with any questions or concerns.


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