Thursday December 10th Open Gym

OPEN GYM HOURS are 5:30-7am, 9:00-10:00am, 12-1pm and 4-7pm.  There will be an optional programmed workout with strength/skill work.


Warm up:  12-15 minutes of your choice

-Remember to include mobility and any Bulletproof Back and Shoulder drills


Spend 10 minutes per skill:

Ring muscle ups

-False grip practice


-Swings with hip drive

-Banded turnover

-Advanced athletes 3-5 Max effort sets

Rope climbs

-Secure foot lock

-Full extension during pulls

-Count number of pulls to 15/18 feet

-Time climbs to 15/18 feet

Handstand progressions

-Inverted holds

-Strict HSPU

-Kipping HSPU

-3-5 sets Max effort

-Handstand walking for distance

Conditioning:  CHOICE

-5-10 minutes


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