Tuesday December 29th WOD

Warm up:  Coach-led dynamic BW drills including jumping jacks, mountain climbers, weighted (MB) lunges, burpees and sit ups (5 minutes)

-Finish with 4x suicides + 10 lateral PVC hops

-Rest 60 seconds between efforts


Strength:  Bench

-12 minutes to build


Skill:  Rope Climbs


Conditioning A:  Every 90 seconds for 9 minutes complete the following:

-3 Bench press at 50%, increase 10% per round if you make all three lifts

-2, 15 ft Rope climbs (sub 6 Rope lowers)

-Rest 2 minutes then


Conditioning B:  4 rounds

-Weighted farmer’s carry down and back  70/53/35lbs

-35 DU’s


Post:  Cool down row or walk + foam roll

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