Wednesday December 23rd WOD

Normal class hours today!  Wear your ‘Christmas best!’


Warm up:  3 rounds

-1 minute row

-1 minute jump rope

-1 minute indoor jog (down and back)


Mobility: Banded Lat/shoulder/tri

-Ankles and hips


Strength:  Thruster build

-12 minutes to build to a 1R heavy

-From the rig


Skill: WOD prep


-Pull up and ring dip


Conditioning:  CrossFit OPEN Workout 12.4

Complete as many reps as you can in 12 minutes of:

-150 Wall balls (20/14 lbs to 10/9’ target)

-90 Double-unders

-30 Ring muscle-ups


Intermediate athletes will perform 5 rounds of :

-15 Wall balls

-25 DU’s

-5 Pull ups and 5 Ring dips


Beginner athletes will perform 5 rounds of:

-10 Wall balls

-75 Singles

-5 Ring rows and 5 HR push ups


Post:  800m jog/walk + foam roll

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