Tuesday December 22nd WOD

Warm up:  800m run followed by coach-led line drills including lunges, walk-outs, side shuffle, etc.

Strength:  Hang power cleans

-12 build

-Focus on 2nd pull

Skill:  Ring dips

-4 sets, ME with perfect form

-Advanced performs 3,1,3 tempo (rings)

-Intermediate/beginner modified on bar or rings

Conditioning:  5 minute AMRAP

-10 Calorie row

-10 Ring push ups (sub HR push ups for intermediate, Knee push ups for beginners)

-10 Hollow rocks

-Rest 3 minutes then perform

5 minute AMRAP

-8 Hang power cleans 185/115, 155/95, 135/75

-20 Lateral hops over the bar

Post:  2 minute jump rope or 400m jog

Nick ProhaskaComment