Monday December 21 WOD

Warm up:  500m row followed by 3 rounds

-5, 1-arm KBS

-1 KB clean

-6, 1-arm OH lunges

-Perform all reps on the right, then left

-Finish with 3 minute jump rope


Stability/Mobility:  Bulletproof back and shoulders

-Banded pull aparts on foam roller

-Thoracic stretch on foam roller

-Wall-facing squats (arms extended)


Strength:  Snatch balance (from the rig)

-4x2 with LIGHT weight followed by

-12 minutes to establish a 1R heavy OHS


Conditioning:  3 rounds for reps

-Russian KBS 70/53 (advanced perform American swings

-DU’s (sub singles)

-Follow a 30 second on, 30 second off structure

-Score is total reps for all three rounds


Post:  500m row or 400m walk + foam roll

Nick ProhaskaComment