Tuesday November 10th WOD

Warm up:  Partner jump rope

-6 minutes

-Break up time/reps as needed

-Followed by ‘Clock lunges’ and banded glute drills


Mobility:  Ankles, calves and hip/glute

Strength:  20-10-10

-Back squat

-55% of your 1RM (from 10/30)

Skill: Handstand progressions (8 minutes)

-Inverted holds

-Hold to lower

-Strict HSPU

-Kipping HSPU

-Handstand walking

Conditioning:  Tabata (2 minutes per skill with a 1 minute rest between)

-Row (calories)

-HSPU for advanced, sub push press for intermediate/beginner  115/75, 95/55, 75/35

-DU’s (sub singles)

-Toes to bar (sub hanging knee or ab mat sit ups)

-Record total reps for all four rounds

Post:  200m walk + foam roll

Nick ProhaskaComment