Friday December 4th WOD

Warm up:  500m row + Coach -led PVC drills for mobility and technique

-Pull thru’s, Good mornings, push press, etc...


Strength:  Clean and Jerk

-1st pull focus and light build (65%)

EMOM:  Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes

-4 touch-and-go Power clean and Push jerk

-Start at 70% and build to a 4RM

Conditioning:  With a running clock

  1. 7 minute EMOM

     -15 Wall balls 20/14lbs, 10/9”

     -12 for intermediate athletes

     -8 for beginners 14/10lbs

     B.  5 minute AMRAP

     -25 DU’s  (sub 50 singles)

     -10 Toes to bar  (sub hanging knees)

Post:  200m walk and foam roll

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