Monday November 23rd WOD

Warm up:  Tabata jump rope/lunges/burpees/sit ups

-20 seconds on, 10 off

-Rotate through each station x3 (6 minutes)


Mobility:  Banded wrist/shoulder

Strength:  Jerk Work

Multiple Variation Jerk Behind the Neck + Jerk Building to Max in sets of 2x2 (15 minutes-from the rack) followed by:

De-load weight to 60 percent of Jerk Max: Speed Drill – 5 min EMOM 3 reps split with weight positioned in back rack position.  Athlete will simply complete 3 reps of splitting feet to proper position without moving weight to the OH position.

Strength:  Deadlift

-10 minute build

Conditioning:  “Diane”


-Deadlift 225/155


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