Wednesday November 4th WOD

Warm up:  500m row + 3 rounds of the following

-2 wall walks, 30-second Sampson stretch (per side) and 10 jump lunges


Strength:  Jerk (from the rig)

-10 minute build then an 8 minute EMOM

-1 Push jerk + 1 Split jerk

Skill:  Box overs

-6 minute EMOM

-6-8 Box overs 24/20”

-No hip extension, must take off with two feet and land with two feet

-Sub plates for a lower height option

Conditioning:  For reps

-1 minute calorie row

-30 second rest

-1 minute Toes to bar (sub hanging knees)

-30 second rest

-1 minute calorie row

-30 seconds rest

-1 minute Toes to bar

Post:  Yoga series x5

Nick ProhaskaComment