Tuesday November 3rd WOD

Warm up:  2x25 jacks, 10 elbow to foot with rotation, 10 lateral lunges, 20 ‘speed skater’ stretch, 5 walk out to a push up (wide foot stance) and 10 air squats

-Hip mobility


Strength:  Back squat


-Start at 50% of your 1RM (from 10/30)

-Strict 2 minute rest between sets, weight stays the same for all three sets

Conditioning:  Kettlebell complex

-Every two minutes for 10 minutes complete:

-Five, 1-arm swings (per arm)

-Three, 1-arm snatch + Two, OH squat (per arm)

-Two, 1-arm windmills (per side)

Post:  1,000m row + stretch and foam rol

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