Wednesday November 18th WOD

Warm up: 6 minute AMRAP

-150m row

-15 KBS 53/35lbs (American)

-5 Box jumps 24/20” (sub step ups for beginners)


Mobility:  Wrists, forearms, shoulders, hips and ankles

-Pretty much all body parts

Strength technique and build:  Power clean and thruster

Conditioning:  For time

7 rounds

-7 Power cleans 95/65

-7 Thrusters 95/65

-7 Bar-facing burpees

-Intermediate athletes will perform 5 rounds with 75/55lbs

-Beginner athletes will perform 4 rounds with 45/35lbs (clean will be from the hang)

-Intermediate and beginner athletes owe a 1K post workout

Post:  200m walk, foam roll and stretch

Nick ProhaskaComment