Monday November 16th WOD

Warm up:  800m jog + Coach-led mobility and PVC technique work


Strength:  Snatch complex

Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes perform

-1 Power snatch

-1 Hang squat snatch

-1 Overhead squat

-Choose starting weight and increase by 10 pounds each round

-Men’s:  95/75/55

-Women’s:  35/35/15

-Smaller weight increases for intermediate and beginner

Skill:  Rope climbs

-Foot lock

-Count pulls

-Time/climb (15ft)

Conditioning:  10 minute AMRAP

Teams of two will work together to perform as many rounds/reps as possible

-200m run

-2, 15 foot rope climbs

-10 Ab mat sit ups (sub Toes to bar for advanced)

Post:  Yoga series x5

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