Tuesday October 27th WOD

With a running clock perform:

0:00-8:00 Tabata row and jog (4 minutes of each)

8:00-15:00 Banded mobility for shoulders and hips/PVC work for snatch technique

15:00-25:00 Every minute for 10 minutes

-1 Power snatch + 1 Hang squat snatch (Misses = 3 burpees-done at the end of the workout)

-45/65/85/105/115/135/155/175/195/205 (Rx male)

-35/55/55/75/75/85/85/95/95/105 (Rx female)

-45/65/65/85/85/105/115/115/135/135 (Intermediate male)

-35/35/45/55/55/65/65/75/75/85 (Intermediate female)

-45/45/65/65/65/75/75/75/85/85 (Beginner male)

-35/35/35/45/45/45/55/55/55/65 (Beginner female)

25:00-30:00 Clean up and rest

30:00-35:00  Pulling complex

-2 Strict pull up, 2 kipping pull ups and 2 bar muscle up

-Perform 5 sets

-There will be modifications for intermediate and beginners

35:00-40:00 Sprint prep then rest  (high knees, butt kickers and build ups)

40:00-50:00 With a partner

-ME 200m sprints

-Teams of 2 will perform as many 200m sprint as possible in 10 minutes

-One works, one rests

-Partners must tag

50:00-60:00 Core circuit and cool down

-3xME L-sit hold (with stacked plates) followed by 10 V-up

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