Friday October 30th WOD

Warm up:  1,000m partner row, switching every 200m + ankle, calf and hip mobility

Strength:  20 minutes to find a 1RM Back squat

Conditioning:  Rowing, STO and KBS

Athletes will have two minutes to perform a 250m row (200m for females) followed by a max effort attempt at STO or KBS.

0:00-2:00 250m row + ME STO  135/85, 115/75, 95/65 (beginners sub 75/45)

2:00-4:00 Rest

4:00-6:00 250m row + ME KBS 70/53, 53/35 (Russian)

6:00-8:00 Rest

8:00-10:00 250m row + ME STO

10:00-12:00 Rest

12:00-14:00 250m row + ME KBS

Score is total reps of STO + KBS

Post:  400m cool down jog and yoga serie

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