Tuesday October 20th WOD

Warm up:  Suicides (5 minutes)

-5 sets



Mobility for hips and shoulders  (7 minutes)

Strength: Clean and jerk

Every minute for 8 minutes perform the following complex

-1 Power clean

-1 Hang squat clean

-1 Split jerk

-Begin at 40% and increase by 10% if appropriate

Skill:  MU’s

Conditioning:  6 minute AMRAP, ascending ladder

-1 Power Clean and Jerk  155/105, 135/85, 115/65, 95/45

-1 MU (sub chest to bar pull up, sub regular strict pull up-banded or unbanded)

-2 Clean and jerk

-2 MU

-3 Clean and jerk

-3 MU

-and so on for 6 minutes

Post:  400m jog and yoga series x

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