Thursday October 22nd Open Gym

OPEN GYM HOURS are 5:30-7am, 9:00-10:00am, 12-1pm and 4-7pm.  There will be a programmed workout with optional strength/skill work.  Expect a 7 minute AMRAP with Toes to bar, box jump and jump rope.


Confused on what to do at Open Gym??

Open Gym is a wonderful time of the week for both the coaches and the members; you’ve got the whole gym to yourself to do whatever your CrossFit heart desires!  But with this freedom comes decision, and this decision can be too much for some.  Here’s a quick 3-step process when considering your options at Open Gym

1. ACCOUNTABILITY.  Check in with the coach before doing anything. Tell them what your plan for the day is and have it approved.  If you need a plan, look at the white board or talk with a coach about what may be appropriate for you.  Just because 5 other people are doing “Mary” that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ok for you!

2. WARM UP AND GET MOBILE.  Do not skip this step.  It’s important for you to get warmed up so you perform at a high level.  Follow the suggested warm up or pull one up from a previous workout.  

3. WORK HARD.  Go hard like you would in regular class and clean up your shit when you’re done!

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