Friday October 23rd WOD

Warm up:  500m row + Coach led PVC drills for the snatch

Mobility:  Banded hip and shoulders

Technique:  Snatch accessory work (15 minutes)

-Tall snatch and snatch balance


Strength WOD:  Yoke carry EMOM

-Every two minutes for 10 minutes complete 1 yoke carry (down and back-inside)

-Beginners will perform 1 Farmer’s carry (KB) 53/35# each arm + 8 burpees

-Intermediate will carry 1-1.5x BW (Yoke)

-Advanced will carry 2x BW (Yoke)

Conditioning:  For time

Partner 2k row

-One works, one rests

Post:  Foam roll

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