Wednesday October 14th WOD

Warm up:  800m run


Mobility:  Wrists, forearms and banded work including shoulders, lats and triceps

Skill:  Ring Muscle up complex

-5 sets

-1 muscle up (strict, if possible)

-2 dips

-5 second L-sit hold

- Rest then complete 3 ME sets (unbroken, kipping)

Beginner skill work:  False grip, hollow holds, pull ups and bar dips

Intermediate skill work:  False grip, ring swings, swing with hip drive, dips

Strength:  Bench



-5+ at 85% (spotter)

Conditioning:  CHOICE!

You will have 25 minutes to come up with a workout, prep and perform a workout of your choice.  This can be a workout you make up from scratch, a workout you’ve done before and would like to attempt again or any other benchmark workout.  

You may also choose to row for this month’s rowing challenge.  Good luck and ask your coaches if you need help putting together a safe but challenging workout!

Post:  200m walk and foam roll

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