Friday October 16th WOD

Warm up: Coach-led drills

-Jumping jacks, KBS, push ups and sit ups

Mobility:  Ankles, calves, hips and shoulders


Skill:  Tall box jump EMOM

Every 30 seconds for 5 minutes perform

-3-5 reps

-30” + for men, 24” + for women

-Jump up, step down

Strength: 3-rep Snatch complex (holding onto the bar for a three movements)

-1st full snatch without moving feet

-2nd from the hang moving feet

-3rd from the high hang moving feet

Conditioning:  THE KITCHEN SINK

-50 DU’s (sub 125 singles)

-5 Wall walks

-10 KB Snatch 53/35lbs (sub 70lbs for advanced male, sub lighter DB for beginners)

-15 Toes to bar (sub hanging knees)

-Rest one minute

-50 DU’s

-5 Burpees

-10 KB Snatch

-15 Pull ups

-Rest one minute

-50 DU’s

-5 Rope climbs 15ft (sub 10 rope lowers + 20 sit ups)

-10 KB Snatch

-15 Ring dips

Post:  200m walk and foal roll

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