The Twins!

Jayme and Taylor Earle.  Determined. Faithful.  Disciplined.  



If you don't know them, sometimes the only way to tell them apart is by the different color of their shoes.  However we've been fortunate to have gotten to know these talented and humble young athletes quite well as they have just celebrated one-year at KCI CrossFit!  

Jayme and Taylor Earle are two of the most driven and passionate CrossFit athletes we've met.  One year ago they came to KCI with a very bold goal; to train every day to become CrossFit Games Athletes.  They sought out KCI to train, be coached, and be part of a supportive community to pursue the highest level of fitness and we couldn't be more proud of them! 

Over the past year they have grown stronger, more mature and have been competing regularly to hone their skills and abilities.  They sacrifice free time to move towards their goals and most days they are training long after the evening classes finish.  And as their coach, it is humbling and rewarding to see their progress over the past year.   

Recently, the rest of the family joined KCI, so fitness is truly a family affair in the Earle household!  The future is bright for the Earle's, and we are grateful to have their family part of the KCI CrossFit family!   Thanks for an amazing year Jayme and Taylor;  can't wait to see your journey in the years to come! 

Joe & Blair - A Couple That Trains Together


What has been the most memorable moment/workout/etc at KCI CrossFit?

Joe:  First Bar Muscle-up!

Blair:  Coming in 3rd Place with our team at Meshuggee was awesome! I was so nervous about that competition but we trained and prepared ourselves and did really well overall. I don’t even like to swim! Also, completing Fran in under 4 minutes was a proud moment for me.

What have you accomplished that has surprised you?

Joe:  Cleaning 180lbs... 15 lbs heavier than last year!

Blair:  Reaching 140lbs on the clean & jerk. I remember when 95lbs used to be a consistent problem for me to clean, some of the goals I’ve met at this gym I once didn’t think were attainable! 

Why did you initially join? 

Joe:  We moved here for CGSC and wanted a new CrossFit experience with quality programming and coaching. 

Blair:  KCI was recommended to us by a friend when we moved here in 2015. We came once and were hooked. 

What has kept you coming back?

Joe:  Quality programming and coaching!

Blair:  The amount of time the owners/coaches put in to making every minute count while you’re here. Every workout is different, we never get bored and are always learning new exercises, techniques and ways to be more efficient. It’s been broadening for me in my first year coaching and learning the ropes.

What do you want to get out of year number 2?

Joe:  Get better at full snatch/OHS and maintain my overall health (good nutrition and more sleep)

Blair:  Handstand walks, ring muscle ups with consistency, and continue to stay healthy and fit!

Patrick - What A Difference A Year Makes!

Patrick is an testament to being persistent, humble, a positive influence, and an awesome KCI CrossFit community member!  His progress over one year is astounding!  Read below as he shares his story of the past 12 months.  



It was one year ago, when I messaged Christine to talk about returning to the CrossFit family.  After dealing with some back and knee problems, I was concerned that my body would not hold up like it used to.

Unfortunately, on the first night, my back gave out.  My spine was curved and my hips were two inches out of alignment.  I thought I’d never be able to return to the one workout style I actually enjoyed!  A week lying flat on the ground (not the bed, or a couch, but on the floor) and multiple chiropractic visits, my spine was straight.  Christine and the other coaches were wonderful.  As soon as the doctor cleared me to return, they wrote a custom program allowing me to fully recover.

This custom programming allowed me to gradually improve mobility, range, and weight.  After three months, I was able to finally squat.  Shortly after, deadlifts.  Then came the pull-ups, cleans, snatches, and everything else!  Due to some early childhood injuries, I will never be an elite athlete.  No one cares!  There is no ego at KCI.  Everyone does what they can do, when they can do it.  The smallest victories are cheered.

Two days, over the past year, stick out in my mind.  The first was October 26, the first time I was able to squat.  I did a 3-rep front squat at 75 pounds.  Everyone cheered!  I should be able to squat much more than that; nobody cared.  It was the culmination of a three-month journey.

The second was March 31, when I successfully returned to the 400lb club on deadlift.  To think in less than one year, I would go from lying flat on the ground in immense pain, to deadlifting 400 pounds!

Thank you to the coaches and other members for the constant inspiration and encouragement.  Here’s to another year of growth, new PRs, and new adventures!


Holly: All-In for CrossFit

Holly has been on an incredible journey over the past year.  She has found will and determination she never thought possible.  A family she never knew existed.  And a life she couldn't have imagined.  Holly is a cornerstone of KCI CrossFit and we hope you get to know her through part of her story!  Happy One Year Anniversary Holly!

What has been the most unexpected result from your CrossFit training?

I LOVE IT!  Honestly, this came as a surprise for several reasons.  CrossFit is hard, I mean really hard, but I love it.  I want to go every day.  I have tried so many things in order to lose weight or be involved in something and it either never works, I quit, I feel like I do not fit it, etc.  Since day one at KCI I could feel the difference in the way I felt about it and the difference in the atmosphere.  That is a huge deal for me. 

What have you accomplished that has surprised you?

I have accomplished many things that have surprised me!  I am amazed with myself for sticking with it for an entire year, as well as going 5 or 6 days a week.  As far as physical accomplishments, I am really shocked that I have been able to do CrossFit in general!  To start working out at the age of 40 while being very overweight, having chronic back problems, and chronic migraines, I am proud of every single box jump I have ever done, every rep with the bar, every turtle slow run I finished, every double under I have pulled off, every banded pull up, etc.  I am most surprised that I actually competed (for beginners), did not die, and placed!  I smile every day when I see that trophy in my room.

Why did you initially join? 

My mom died at 55 and I do not want that same fate.  I was overweight, out of shape, lazy, and in pain and I needed a major in my life.  I tried a generic gym and it did not work well for me, I tried a personal trainer and that was not a great fit either.  I felt like trying CrossFit may be my last option.

What has kept you coming back?

Oh my good gracious…the people!!!  I have severe anxiety and agoraphobia and there were a lot of years I could not walk outside to go to my own mailbox.  When I tried a conventional gym I would cry in the parking lot and have panic attacks in the locker room then usually turn around and drive back home, feeling like a complete failure once again.  I was terrified to go visit KCI, to say the least.  When I walked in I was immediately greeted by everyone and it was so genuine I began to feel more at ease.  During my first few visits people continued to speak to me, to be kind, helpful, supportive, etc.  It may sound silly to others but it made all the difference in the world to me.  I was being included.  CrossFit, the only sport where the loudest cheers are for the last to finish. J

What do you want to get out of year number 2?    

Oh my, so many PRs!!  I want an unassisted pull up!  I want to climb that stupid rope!  I want all my lifts to be heavier!  I want to be a double under wonder…ok ok, at least be able to do them!  I want to start doing more Rx WODs!  I want to compete again, I think.  I want to be the reason someone else is brave enough to come back after visiting our box.

I feel very blessed to have found KCI CrossFit, every single coach, and every member.  You all have changed my life in more ways than you will ever understand.  Thank you for an amazing year!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Stephanie: Courageous Mom!

What has been the most unexpected result from your CrossFit training?

I get to bring my son most days – he calls it his pre-school. He always asks  “ Mommy going to go get muscles?”.  I always say “yes” but the truth is so much deeper and more necessary than that. I already kick ass—at 46 I am in much better shape than a lot of 30 year olds. I am evolving, giving my family a future with a stronger mother and wife, learning who I can be and what I can do. I’m scaling my mountain a little bit every day. Because of KCI I have begun to take steps, albeit tiny ones, to achieve other things in my life that I didn’t do before because I was afraid. You have to have the courage to succeed as well as fail. You have to try.

What have you accomplished that surprised you ?

I climbed a rope one day. Something I never thought I would do. It was amazing –I can’t even explain how that shifted my perception of myself. Then, I wasn’t able to get back up to the top for weeks. This week I climbed that rope 3 times in 1 WOD. I would have been happy to do it 3 times in a week but I did it 3 times in 15 minutes !! I’ve done so much more than I realized –I’m an athlete.

Why did you initially join?

I wanted to lose 10-15 …or 20ish pounds.I needed to get back into a more rigid form of exercise. I know I won’t push myself as much as I should. I needed a coach. I started getting focusing on a more healthy life in my late twenties but now needed to do more. After the first day of flight school I knew it was the place for me. I was nervous and had no idea what all the letters meant but I wanted to find out  ☺.

What has kept you coming back?

You wouldn’t think that “working out” would change everything you believed about yourself, but it does. Somehow when a whole group is behind you truly cheering you on it makes a difference. There are no egos because everyone has their stuff. We all have the right to celebrate our achievements and receive support for our “ need to try again or scale”. We are all great at different things and that’s ok. I don’t need to feel bad about myself that you can clean more than I can nor feel guilty that I just killed a WOD that left you spent. We are all amazing, unique and necessary components of our machine- our box. I’m a better person because of everyone there- that’s why I come back.

What do you want to get out of year number 2?

More PRs !!! On and off the field ( or in and out of the box). I want to continue to push myself in strength and stamina to see what else I can do but I also want to apply it in all areas. Writing, art and music are all really important to me and I’ve always struggled with the courage to do more with them.

And…… the 10-15 lbs. Yes, Christine, my food choices are not exactly conducive to my goal ☺. For year 2, I want to make better use of the tools I have at hand and actually check that box too. I have the information—I need to apply it.

Thank you to all of the incredible coaches at KCI. You all mean so much to so many. Its not just us you affect but our families and friends as well.


Skyelore: One year strong!

This week we celebrate Skyelore’s one-year anniversary as a CrossFit athlete!  Skyelore jumped right in from day one and hasn’t looked back.  Always in a good mood, ready to work hard and willing to be coached, she is motivated to challenge herself like she never thought possible.  We asked Skyelore to reflect a little bit over the last year:


What have you accomplished that has surprised you?

Something that I have accomplished that has surprised me is that I actually look at myself as an athlete. It sounds strange but before I had started CrossFit I had never lifted weights and knew very little about fitness. Now, 1 year later I truly have more belief in myself and I believe I'm an athlete and will continue to grow as one. 

What has been the most unexpected result from your CrossFit training?

One of the most unexpected results of CrossFit has probably been just being able to fall asleep at night. Before I started, I always struggled with just getting to sleep I'd toss and turn for hours, and now within about 20 minutes I'm out. 

Why did you initially join? 

I initially joined because I wanted to lose weight. And a year later I haven't lost a single pound.. Haha, that's ok though because I know I'm stronger now, stronger than I have ever been.

What has kept you coming back?

The thing that has kept me coming back is definitely the coaches and the community. Those 2 are truly what make CrossFit so special to me.  

What do you want to get out of year number 2?

As for year 2... I believe CrossFit tests you both mentally and physically all the time. I would love to continue to grow in those areas. As for goals.... I'd like to get my first un-banded pull-up, also I'd like to become proficient enough to be able to do handstand push-ups with only one mat. When I really start to think about it there are many more things I'd like to accomplish for PR's. One thing outside of the box is I'd really like to get more disciplined with my eating habits. I go months with doing really well and then I have months where I don't do well at all. I'd like to just become more consistent. 

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this community. I feel truly blessed to be around so many great people.