Flight School is KCI CrossFit's on-ramp program that gets you up to speed and familiar with the movements, the lingo and the CrossFit methodology.  This also allows you to get to know the coaches and other members of the KCI CrossFit community.

We recognize that CrossFit is intimidating for beginners and we want to ensure that you get oriented and learn proper technique from our coaches.  The Flight School program allows you to see what CrossFit is all about without a big commitment.

For $39, you will receive six, one-hour sessions with a coach over the course of two weeks.  These sessions may be private or in a small group depending on number of participants and can be scheduled around your needs!

During this time, you will receive baselines assessments, strength and skill development, movement correction as well as short conditioning workouts guaranteed to challenge you!

Interested in Flight School?  Let us know! 

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