Happy 1-yr Anniversary, Brian C!

A few fun facts about (and from) Brian: 

1.  I was on the high school baseball and wrestling team.

2. I played college baseball in Arizona.

3.  I tore my ACL 3 years ago and CrossFit helped get me back to 100% 5 months later.

4.  Snickers bars are my favorite candy ever!

5.  I have a bachelors degree in criminal justice.

6.  I am an Eagle Scout.

7.  I play in an ultimate frisbee league.

8.  I have been out of the country once, Bahamas.

9.  I had perfect attendance my senior year....

10.  2 1/2 years ago I married the love of my life, Ingrid Caniglia.


( Keep scrolling down for some true, and some not-so-true facts about Brian from the KCI Coaches! )


(From the KCI Coaches)

1.  Brian may have taken time off from CrossFit to do some sort of modelling...

2. Brian enjoys using his taser...

3. Brian likes Curling...sort of like the Olympic sport...

4.  Brian is a hugger!

5.  Brian is an amateur impressionist..  

6.  Ask him nicely and he might wear his singlet to the next WOD 


We are grateful to have Brian and his awesome wife Ingrid as a cornerstone of KCI CrossFit!  Thank you for making us better athletes and happier athletes! 

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