KCI Swear Jar Challenge

The KCI ‘Swear Jar’ Challenge begins Monday, August 24th.  This is a three week challenge with two teams going head-to-head to see which one can stay on track the best.


  1. Drink half your bodyweight (in ounces) of water everyday

  2. Get 8 hours of sleep (in a 24-hour period)

  3. No consumption of the following


           -Processed sugars/candy/soda

           -Dairy (excluding full fat yogurt)


     4.  Exercise intensely a minimum of 5 times per week

The challenge is to adhere to the rules for all three weeks.  If you break a rule, you pay $1 into your jar at home.  Every week you team captain will collect the money and add it to the team total.  The team with the lowest amount paid in, will decide what we (KCI) gets to do with the money.

We had great success in January with the challenge.  Email christineprohaska@gmail.com if you want to join OR post in the Facebook member forum.

Nick ProhaskaComment