KCI CrossFit is a first-class CrossFit Facility where people are radically changing their lives physically, emotionally, and spiritually with a foundation of fitness.  

At KCI CrossFit, you can be apart of a strong community where you know that somebody cares about your fitness and progress.  You don't have to go at it alone.  You can be a part of a team and part of a community.  You have a personal coach without the price of a personal trainer.

Come to KCI CrossFit as you are.  No matter what your fitness level, you can start where you are and get stronger.

Chances are that if you are determined to strive for excellence in every area of your life with fitness as a foundation, then our community and programs are right for you.

Our coaches at KCI CrossFit are known for challenging, but not overly aggressive, programming and classes.  The focus is on technique and we care most about building a firm foundation with quality of movement, strength, and skill development. Building this foundation will help you achieve your goals while reducing the risk of injury.


Christine Prohaska: Owner and Head Coach


Christine Prohaska graduated from Florida State University in 2003 with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science.  For the last 12 years, she has been employed in the health and fitness industry working with individuals and groups of people dedicated towards their meeting their health goals.  Her clientele has ranged from the home-bound elderly to former athletes and youth.

She became involved in the CrossFit community in 2009 when she was searching for a new method superior to the typical ‘boot camps’ which had gained massive popularity throughout the fitness community.  In CrossFit, she found the explosive combination of Olympic LIfting, gymnastics and cardiovascular training-MADE SENSE and warranted results.

CrossFit has made her a better athlete, coach and community member.  She enjoys competing on the local level and continues to work towards excellence in programming with a strong focus on technique and mobility.

Contact Christine: KCICrossFitters@gmail.com

Nick Prohaska: Owner and Coach

CF-L1,  USAW Sports Performance Coach, B.B.A

Hailing from Iowa, Nick graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration.  He moved to Orlando, FL and spent eight years there; met his wife Ashley, enjoyed wakeboarding, surfing, and started pursuing CrossFit.  By a stroke of grace he landed in Kansas City, dove into the fitness industry and obtained his CrossFit coaching certification in the fall of 2014. 

Passionate about serving people, building relationships, and fun physical activities, CrossFit is the perfect lifestyle for Nick.  He believes in a strong community to achieve big goals and improve people’s lives.  As an athlete Nick enjoys pushing himself with new and creative workouts and also enjoys the classic CrossFit WOD’s.   Nick’s approach to coaching is fun, intense, and focused on technical foundations and improving each athlete every day.

Contact Nick: Nick@KCICrossFit.com







Steven Cooper: Coach


Steven graduated from Rockhurst University in 2003 with a Bachelor’s in Business.  He became the Director of the Park Hill Aquatic Center upon graduation and still serves in that role today.  Steven went back to college in 2007 and received his Master’s in Secondary Business Education in 2009.  Steven has been teaching for Park Hill for the past seven years.  Presently, he teaches pre-engineering courses to 7th and 8th graders at Congress Middle School.  He has since received an Educational Specialist in Superintendency Administration.  He enjoys working with young adults and takes the responsibility very seriously.

Steven has been an avid ‘crossfitter’ since he was first introduced to the sport in August of 2012.  He loves throwing down in local competitions and appreciates the community-centered experience.  As a coach, he encourages his athletes to focus on form and technique.  As a former college athlete, he understands the importance of listening to your body.  He believes that developing a strong foundation will result in long-term cardiovascular improvement, strength increases and a low rate of injury.  He enjoys introducing individuals to the sport and loves watching as they develop confidence in their movements.


Steven Rice


My CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting story is a little unique in that I wasn’t a great athlete looking for the next thing or hyper-competitive and wanted see how I stacked up.  I had established some unhealthy life style habits through drinking and smoking cigarettes as part of a military culture of living overseas and deployments.  After years of going to globo style gyms and developing normal gym-rat relationships I started learning a little about CF.  There was a jacked older gentleman who I used to talk to about lifting, probably in his late 50s, at the gym who always wore the golds gym tanks with the huge cut sleeves with the fake tan, gold chains, and slicked back hair.  He was really down to earth and one day I asked him, “what do you think about CF?”  He replied, “That shit will turn in you into an animal.”  Literally, the next day I joined CF and immediately quit smoking as my 30th birthday present to myself. 

It didn’t take long to start seeing the major benefits of the sport and ended up jumping into regular competitions just after 3 months.  Through CF, I also found weightlifting (Olympic Weightlifting).  I’m not sure why it intrigued me other than I was fascinated with how someone could move all that weight from the ground to overhead and the fact that it was something new and challenging.  So after a year of focusing on getting better after most my CF classes I decided to get my USAW Level 1 Certification in 2014 and shadow under a local coach for a year before I started coaching myself.  The more I learned about the sport, the more appreciated it, and the more studied it.  I eventually started working two a days, three times a week to put an emphasis on the understanding and getting better at the lifts.  At one time I even considered focusing solely on Olympic Lifting because it was so challenging.  Unfortunately, I had an unexpected change in course when I was involved in a major motorcycle accident that put an immediate stop to both CF and lifting. I’m still technically recovering from the injuries, but it didn’t stop me trying to share my passion with other athletes through coaching.  Now, three years later, I’ve been able to establish myself as a reputable coach with the KCI CF Barbell Club and help people get stronger and help improve their Olympic lifts. 

Kevin Bowen